PHP: Calculate Real Differences Between Two Dates or Timestamps

I was using simple function to calculate difference between two dates and timestamps until I noticed, it’s not working correctly in long intervals. It’s very easy to calculate difference between two timestamps in seconds, but it’s much more complicated print difference in human readable format. The Internet can be found in a wide range of ways to do this thing, but as a rule they use a fixed amount of seconds for the year and the month. So if we calculate year with using 365 or 365.25 days and month using 30 or 31 then the difference is not accurate, because of leap years, DST (Daylight Saving Time) and so on.

Because of this problem, I decided to make a function (at least in the short testing) to return the right kind of differences between the UNIX timestamps and dates in human readable format. This function uses PHP strtotime function to calculate real differences and can handle leap years and DST. This function can also return Twitter like about texts with precision parameter.

PHP dateDiff function for calculating real differences between dates and UNIX timestamps

dateDiff function example usage

strtotime examples:


UNIX timestamp and precision examples


Converting text format back to UNIX timestamp example


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  1. hi..nice work and thanks for sharing…i would like to know how to translate the month days year into another language

  2. hi how can i translate years months days etc.. in another language please ?

  3. Thanks for your perfect difference of dates.



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