Install Firefox 6 on Fedora 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11

Mozilla Firefox 6 is released and this is guide, howto install Firefox 6 on Fedora 15, Fedora 14, Fedora 13, Fedora 12 and Fedora 11 using YUM. This is not big deal for Fedora 15 users, because Firefox 6 found on update repos, but this is good for older Fedora users.

What’s new in Firefox 6

  • The address bar now highlights the domain of the website you’re visiting
  • Support for the latest draft version of WebSockets with a prefixed API
  • Support for EventSource / Server-sent events
  • Support for window.matchMedia
  • Scratchpad, an interactive JavaScript prototyping environment
  • New Web Developer menu item and moved development-related items into it
  • Improved usability of the Web Console
  • Improved the discoverability of Firefox Sync
  • Reduced browser startup time when using Panorama
  • Fixed several stability issues
  • Fixed several security issues

Read full details from Firefox 6 release notes.

Install Mozilla Firefox 6 on Fedora 15, Fedora 14, Fedora 13, Fedora 12 and Fedora 11

1. Backup your current Firefox 3/4 profiles (just in case)

tar -cvzf $HOME/mozilla-firefox-profiles-backup.tar.gz $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/

2. Change root user

su -
## OR ##
sudo -i

3. Install Remi repository (needed only for Fedora 14 and Fedora 13)

## Remi Dependency on Fedora 14, Fedora 13, Fedora 12 and Fedora 11 ##
rpm -Uvh 
rpm -Uvh
## Fedora 14 ##
rpm -Uvh
## Fedora 13 ##
rpm -Uvh
## Fedora 12 ##
rpm -Uvh
## Fedora 11 ##
rpm -Uvh

4. Check Available Firefox 6 versions

Fedora 15

yum list firefox

Fedora 14/13/12/11

yum --enablerepo=remi list firefox

5. Install Mozilla Firefox 6

Fedora 15

yum install firefox

Fedora 14/13/12/11

yum --enablerepo=remi install firefox xulrunner6

6. Start Firefox 6

Then start Firefox with using command:
Fedora 15/14/13


Or use Firefox (6) launcher.

Firefox 6 Screenshots

Firefox 6 running on Fedora 15

Firefox 6 running on Fedora 15

Firefox 6 Acid 3 test

Firefox 6 acid3 test

Follow If Not True Then False Updates!


  1. Just wanted to thank you for this fantastic article. I was upset at my slow firefox 4 performance and couldn’t figure a way to upgrade to firefox 6. Installing the tarballs from the firefox websites is not exactly that easy even for a user with okay knowledge about linux intallations.

    Your install provided me with a “clean” upgrade. It replaced my firefox4 with firefox 6, and kept all my links, plugins, and favourites intact! Cheers to you!

  2. I installed firefox 6.0.2 in Fedora 14 by remi repo. It works well but some digital certs from DigiNotar and Staat der Nederlanden are still on trusted list. They should be removed.

  3. wow…
    thanks a lot lot lot lot lot ;)

    this was a life saver for me

  4. PERFECT : )
    that saved me a lot of time , as i was tryin` to find away to upgrade to firefox 6 on F14 ,
    the update went so smooth , all add-ones intact amazing work , good job dude : )

  5. I cannot install Firefox 7 in Fedora14 x86_64 using the commands.
    It only listed

    Dependencies Resolved

    Package Arch Version Repository Size
    firefox x86_64 3.6.23-1.fc14 updates 14 M
    Updating for dependencies:
    xulrunner x86_64 updates 9.3 M

    Transaction Summary
    Upgrade 2 Package(s)

  6. Thanks! This worked perfectly!

  7. firefox firefox firefox like always :)

  8. Thank you very much. This worked perfectly for me.

  9. Okay I tried using this to upgrade from Firefox 6.0 to firefox 8.0. It erased all my bookmarks, short cuts, and passwords, etc. Is there anyway i can get those bookmarks back ?

    • Hi Rami,

      Did you backup your profiles on step 1.?

      tar -cvzf $HOME/mozilla-firefox-profiles-backup.tar.gz $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/
  10. Thanks — this worked awesomely!! Although the old Firefox version kept running so at first I thought it went wrong. Once I killedall firefox, though, the new version works!!! THANKS!!

  11. This is very usefull for new linux beginners.
    Thanks a lot of this.

  12. I am trying to upgrade from Firefox 3.6 on Fedora 13. Your procedure stops with the following diagnostics:

    # rpm -Uvh
    warning: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.he7LAE: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID 00a4d52b: NOKEY
    error: Failed dependencies:
    system-release >= 15 is needed by rpmfusion-free-release-15-5.noarch

    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Doug,

      Firefox 6 is outdated version…newest version is Firefox 11. You can install Firefox 10 on Fedora 13 using remi repository (just skip rpmfusion repo) or you can install Firefox 11 using Firefox original tarball. :)

      Please let me know if you need more help with installation?

      • Hi JR,

        Following your suggestion, I used the remi repository option, and Firefox 10 seems to be up and running. Thanks.

        • Excellent to hear that you got it working! :)

  13. Yeah! Thanks guy! It’s super!

  14. A Big Thanks. I’m using Fedora 14 and installed Firefox 14. I did try several instruction before I found this page and this really works! I shall put a link to my own pages.

  15. Many thanks to your excellent update to firefox 10 at fedora 13. But you wrote at April 10th, 2012, if I understood it right, that it is possible to install original tarball. I downloaded firefox 15 as tarball into my user-directory as recommended at:

    But if I do so and I try to start at my user-folder I get this error:
    [andreas@fedora13 ~]$ ~/firefox/firefox
    XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /home/andreas/firefox/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    Couldn’t load XPCOM.

    It seems, that parallel installation of root-firefox-10 and user-firefox-15 is not possible. Or is there any solution together with most actual xulrunner15 (for firefox-15).

    problem seems to be, that the wrong library is taken by user-firefox-15 (perhaps library of parallel installed root-firefox-10?)

  16. Thank you so much. I have no intentions of moving off FC13 and this helped tremendously.
    Thank you thank you.

  17. Thank you, This worked well for me.
    Thank you.

  18. I have Fedora 12; Firefox 5 ! I am little new to linux
    1. How can I directly uninstall Firefox5, & install latest firefox in Fedora 12 ?

    2. I tried to update, found following errors

    warning: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.q6H1qT: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 signature: NOKEY, key ID 172ff33d
    error: Failed dependencies:
    system-release >= 19 is needed by rpmfusion-free-release-19-1.noarch


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