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Add date and time to Linux terminal title (Gnome Terminal, xterm, urxvt, rxvt) - Comment Page: 1

Here is easy way add date and time to Linux terminal title. This trick works at least following terminals Gnome Terminal, xterm, urxvt, rxvt. Simply type the following command line: while sleep 1 ; do echo -ne '\033]2;'`date`'\007'; done &


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Hi krish,

This is actually really simple:

1. While loop is simple, try following (prints date output on console every second):

while sleep 1; do echo `date`; done;

2. Use echo without the trailing newline and enable interpretation of backslash escapes:

echo -ne "test"

3. “\033]2;Title\007” syntax is used to change title of existing aixterm window, try following:

echo -ne "\033]2;This is my own title\007" &

Finally all together outputs date and time to your terminal title. :)

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