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Sometimes it feels that many of the excellent and convenient command-line tools is forgotten, when they are replaced by graphical tools. A good example is the cal program, which is a command-line calendar to Linux and UNIX. It displays a simple calendar in text format. Cal usage: Displays current month calendar on console: cal Output: October 2009 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 1...


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Hi chinnu,

Try following instead:

cal -y 2012

cal -m -y 2012 works with older versions of cal. I update this guide too.

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i wnted to display only the last 6 months of the calender
is there any command for that please help…??

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Late response, and this is sort of cheating, but it’s not horribly complicated to just run it in a loop in your shell like so:

for m in 7 8 9 10 11 12; do cal $m 2013; done

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i want to use only business days in a script to check for files availability on every month on BD-11

plz help is any command for this ?

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