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Today I started thinking that how cool is do some Google searches straight from command line. First I try to find some ready tricks from the Internet, but I couldn't find quickly anything good. So I decide do a simple Bash function that can take Google search as parameter and open Firefox Browser (tab) with Google search. Sounds easy... :) First we need Google search URL without search parameter and it looks like this: Next is good to do some tests with Firefox, URL and search words from command line: firefox Works as it should work firefox more words Not...

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    1. I get a “no match found for ” in my ZSH, any idea why? I even put in alias google=`noglob google`

    2. Hi Sindhu,

      I tested a bit this function on ZSH shell and the problem seems to be that, how to ZSH shell handles special characters, such as question mark (?) and ampersand (&). This is easy to fix, simply use backslash (\) before question mark (?) and create function like following:

      function google() { firefox\?hl=en#q="`encode $@`" ;}

      Did you get it to work? :)

    3. Excellent tip .. Thanks

    4. I wrote a Google Cli Search tool for linux, you may be interested in Gisele

      • Hi Boris,

        Thanks! Looks very nice! :)

      • really thanks for this – you saved my day!

    5. Wow! Worked like a charm.

      Did have to modiry command firefox with firefox --no-remote -P though!

      Loved it! Thanks! :)

    6. Thanks a lot for this information. Would you please show how to search or ixquick from the command line. Again, thanks for the info.

    7. How would this work with

    8. thanks a lot………..
      very m,uch creative,,

    9. Thanks, added to my .bashrc immediately


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