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By default almost all Apache installation shows sensitive server information with Apache version number, server operating system details, installed Apache modules, PHP-version and so on. Attackers can use this information when performing attacks. Some examples howto check server information that Apache sends Error page Use lynx $ lynx -head -mime_header http://www.ubuntu.com HTTP/1.0 200...


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Good Article.
Just one thing is missing. Sometimes you need to set ServerTokens directive in */apache2/conf.d/security file if the directive is not working. Anyways good job…

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If you use XAMPP (v2.5.8) look for the file named httpd-default.conf under \etc\xampp\apache\conf\extra and then make the necessary changes (ServerSignature Off, ServerTokens Prod).

I was not able to find this info in the net. Hope it helps someone.

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Hey. Thanks for the tip. Is there anyway I could hide the word “Apache”?!

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