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Install PHP MongoDB (mongo) Driver on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, UNIX, BSD - Comment Page: 1

PHP MongoDB (Mongo Database) Driver Installation on Linux, UNIX, BSD and Mac OS X MongoDB PHP driver is very simple install on Linux, UNIX, BSD and Mac OS X. You need just PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) with PECL repository. Normally PHP development (dev) package and PHP Pear package installation from package management system is enough to get PEAR working. Also go-pear.php...


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Adrian C

Don’t you have to add extension=php_mongo.dll in your php.ini file as well?

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Hi Adrian,

Yes you are right. I update this guide soon. :)

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Adrian C

No problem. As an aside, I have an issue trying to run MongoDB as a service on Windows Server 2008 x64. I used the built in install: “mongod -install” It goes through successfully but it fails to start the service. It seems to get stuck in an infinite loop, starting, restarting. Have you come across this? I ended up having to right a start-up script that starts the mongo database manually. However, this requires a user to be logged in at all times, which will be an issue in a system crash/restart.

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Another thing to remember is to check where your mongo.so file is. Do a simple:

locate mongo.so

and verify the location of your mongo.so file is the same as your php extension folder. I just got done pulling out my hair for about a week with that error.

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