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I was using simple function to calculate difference between two dates and timestamps until I noticed, it's not working correctly in long intervals. It's very easy to calculate difference between two timestamps in seconds, but it's much more complicated print difference in human readable format. The Internet can be found in a wide range of ways to do this thing, but as a rule they use a fixed amount of seconds for the year and the month. So if we calculate year with using 365 or 365.25 days and month using 30 or 31 then the difference is not accurate, because of leap years, DST (Daylight Saving Time) and so on. Because of this problem, I decided to make a function (at least in the short...

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    1. hi..nice work and thanks for sharing…i would like to know how to translate the month days year into another language

    2. hi how can i translate years months days etc.. in another language please ?

    3. Thanks for your perfect difference of dates.

    4. And what is if one of the two dates have a null in the database?

      • Hi Marcel Epp,

        If you have nulls in database, then you have to handle that case, like:

        function dateDiff($time1, $time2, $precision = 6) {
            if (is_null($time1) || is_null($time2)) {
                return false;
            // If not numeric then convert texts to unix timestamps
        • Thank you very much!!!
          it worked perfectly!!!

    5. Hi,

      it’s me again. How can get an output like

      I have to put more of these outputs together to get the time from all.

      Station1 = 00:01:20
      Station2 = 00:02:15
      Station3 = 01:34:10

      all togehter = 01:37:45

      • Hi,

        This function doesn’t do it, but you can try to convert all hours, minutes and seconds to seconds and convert total sum of seconds back to hours, minutes and seconds.


        • Thank you again!!!

          This helped me a lot!!!

    6. Hello! I’m using your function for a date difference and works very well, but I must add another variable is an extratime in minutes. Is there any way to use your function for doing this operation?


      Start : 14/09/2015 10:03:05
      Suspension for x minutes: from 14/09/2015 11:04:39 for 27 minutes
      Stop : 14/09/2015 11:14:02

      Result: 1 hour and 11 minutes

      Instead I need 1 hour and 11 minutes – 27 minutes = The real time worked.

      thank you in advantage

      • Hi Alessandro,

        Here is one possible way, if you can convert that suspension time to seconds:

        --- orig.php	2015-10-22 09:10:33.936394437
        +++ test.php	2015-10-22 09:08:35.088546417
        @@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
           // Time format is UNIX timestamp or
           // PHP strtotime compatible strings
        -  function dateDiff($time1, $time2, $precision = 6) {
        +  function dateDiff($time1, $time2, $suspension, $precision = 6) {
             // If not numeric then convert texts to unix timestamps
             if (!is_int($time1)) {
               $time1 = strtotime($time1);
        @@ -22,6 +22,10 @@
               $time2 = $ttime;
        +    $time1 = $time1 + $suspension;
        +    // OR
        +    //$time2 = $time2 - $suspension;
             // Set up intervals and diffs arrays
             $intervals = array('year','month','day','hour','minute','second');
             $diffs = array();
        @@ -69,3 +73,5 @@
             // Return string with times
             return implode(", ", $times);
        +  echo dateDiff('2015-09-14 10:03:05', '2015-09-14 11:14:02', (27*60)) . "\n";
    7. Good Script, Thanks Bro

    8. For example
      6 years
      19 years
      2 months
      6 years, 2 months
      5 years

      Total=?? how to add total year?

      it is output in loop, mean one person have experience in different period then how to find total year experience?

      • Hello Muhaammad, each diff date you should put in avariable then count it,

    9. Hey I really like this function but If I need to only display the different hours between working hours, how would I do that,

      I’m think something like this, but The interval loops got me a little confused, I know this try to increment start from year but I always need to know if the time is in working hours.

      $time = date(“Hi”, strtotime(‘+’.$num.’ minutes’));
      $day = date(“D”, strtotime(‘+’ . $num . ‘ minutes’));
      if($day != ‘Sat’ && $day != ‘Sun’ && $time >= 800 && $time <= 1800)

      Could you help please?

    10. Thanx Man! Love you…you save my day….you are best one

    11. great work,

      i want ask about if i need output in Second , or minute ?

      i dont need hours ,

      for example :

      In : 12:00
      out : 1:05
      dateDiff = 65 Minutes

    12. Thank you for this post it helps a lot,

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