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This is Red Hat 6 RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) installation guide, step-by-step walkthrough with screenshots. Current version of Red Hat 6 is Beta, but also this RHEL 6 Beta version looks very stable and good OS, so that's why I decided to write this RHEL 6 Installation guide. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta is available on the following architectures: i386 AMD64/Intel64 System z IBM Power (64-bit) Download Red Hat 6 Beta DVD images here. Some of the many improvements and new features that are included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Power management - tickless kernel and improvements through the application stack to reduce wakeups, power consumption measurement...

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    1. yes seems so..see this person has given someworkaround..
      My laptop also have Intel drivers etc..

      Mike Thompson 2008-10-30 23:11:00 EDT
      You can get around the Intel video driver problem by forcing X to use the vesa
      Either modify your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to include:
      Section “Device”
      Identifier “Videocard0”
      Driver “vesa”

      Or add the kernel boot parameter xdriver=vesa

      I get the same problems (Intel video and FC10 boot failure) on my Toshiba L10.
      To run the latest kernel(s) I have to overwrite the initrd with the one from
      kernel 2.6.27-0.392.rc8.git7.fc10.

      (In reply to comment #27)
      > Just to chime in here:
      > I’ve duplicated this issue on my Dell Inspiron 6000 with PATA hard drive
      > (showing up as /dev/sda) on F9. The last two kernel releases have this bug. Let
      > me know
      > what testing will contribute to this thread.
      > I couldn’t test F10 on my desktop using Intel due to X not loading the Intel
      > Video drivers, even in anaconda, so I had to go back to F9. Once that problem
      > is resolved, I can test with an Intel-based 32bit system (HP/Compaq dc5000 MT
      > IDE) with on-board video. I’ll be looking for the BZ# on this one to follow-up.
      > My 64-bit AMD system on nVidia chipset does not exibit this problem on F10, all
      > updates applied. I installed this system from the iso and have been applying
      > the updates daily.
      > I also have a 32-bit AMD system on nVidia chipset installed using the
      > development netboot which pulls the current packages from the dev tree, and it
      > has been updated daily. Neither of the AMD nVidia-based systems exhibits this
      > problem.
      > There are a LOT of Dell Inspiron systems out there, and I’m willing to bet this
      > issue affects a significant number of them.

      I have dir till X11 however I donot even have xorg.conf in that dir…

    2. First of all, if you really need RHEL 6, then you really need RHEL subscription, because RHEL is not usable without subscription! But if you want “Free RHEL” then use CentOS 6, which is same linux with different branding…

      If you want to try boot with xdriver=vesa boot option then do following:
      1. Access Grub boot menu
      2. Press “e” (edit)
      3. Select kernel line and press “e” (edit) again
      4. Add xdriver=vesa at the end of line
      5. Press Enter
      6. Press “b” (boot) to boot with modified kernel line

      xorg.conf is missing because it’s normally generated on the fly, but you can of course create xorg.conf manually and use it instead if you want.

    3. 4 step that is installation media is not appeared.
      ir ask for load driver manually or enter disk driver list.
      i have 3 cd of red hat 9. can someone help me

      • Hi jagvir,

        So you have Red Hat 9 CDs? Red Hat 9 was released on 2003, so it’s very very old, because it wasn’t Enterprise Linux at all…I suggest you to try Fedora 16 or newer RHEL 6 or CentOS 6…

    4. Does Red Hat 6 support i5 2nd generation processor well?
      Does GUI problem appear with Red hat 6 in i5 2nd generation processor?

      • Hi Uzumaki,

        Yes, it should support your processor. What you mean with GUI problem?

    5. Graphical User Interface

      • Yes, I definitely know what GUI means, but I try to figure out, what you meant with GUI problem?

      • Processor is not normally reason for any Gnome problems.

    6. Hi, I am facing similar problem as gagan mallik had face. While installing Red hat 6.1 on vmware , its showing error No usable disks have been found. I created virtual machine on my laptop HP Elite 8440p
      Thanks in advance

      • Hi Zafrul,

        Could you tell more specific, when you get this error? Is this vmware error or RHEL 6.1 error?

    7. hi JR,
      i m installing linux for d frst time nd while doing it i m able to reach d frst step(sreenshot) after dat m jst gettng a cusor…….where i can type nythng…bt its nt coming on d second screenshot…..can u tell what to do…………wating fr yur rply…


    8. Hi JR,
      Same issue as Zafrul and gagan mallik. “No usable disk have been found”. Trying to install RHEL 6 on VMWare. After the language selection I get this error. Hard Disk Space 25 GB, Type SCSI 0:0. Any suggestions whats wrong. Oh tried to change the type of the HDD but can only chose a different type of SCSI.

    9. Hay JR,
      Issue fixed. Changed the type of HDD to IDE it worked.
      Thanks anyways…

      • Hi Antony,

        Excellent to hear that you got it working! :)

        • Thanks….it feels good too…considering the fact that I am very new to Linux.

    10. hi,
      i have installed red hat 6.2. the GUI is not getting enabled. its only working in the terminl mode… can u help guyss…

    11. Thanks a lot for installation guide.. it helped me :)

    12. I has problem of starting Linux 6.0 After Installing on Computer it require root

      • Hi Akshay,

        Could you explain more specific, what you mean with “it require root”?

    13. hello am not able to make partions while installing rhel6 thru vmware plz do help me its installing through default seetings

      • Hello Abraham,

        What you see on step 12?

        Could you also tell your vmware virtual machine specs?

    14. hello Jr i finally installed red hat on vmware :)

      • Hi Abraham,

        Excellent! Nice to hear that you got this problem solved and Red Hat installed! :)

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