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This is Red Hat 6 RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) installation guide, step-by-step walkthrough with screenshots. Current version of Red Hat 6 is Beta, but also this RHEL 6 Beta version looks very stable and good OS, so that's why I decided to write this RHEL 6 Installation guide. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta is available on the following architectures: i386 AMD64/Intel64 System z IBM Power (64-bit) Download Red Hat 6 Beta DVD images here. Some of the many improvements and new features that are included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Power management - tickless kernel and improvements through the application stack to reduce wakeups, power consumption measurement...

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    1. Hi JR,

      i have some doubts,

      two primary partitions are mandatory to install rhel 6.2? (/boot is mandatory, / mandatory)

      I tried with one primary partition it is not possible for me, because we can not assign the /boot in LVM’s. So we need to create /boot in our primary standard partition only.

      after that we need to create to root and swap partitions, at this time it throwing an error related to ” the disk contains maximum partitions already ” (the message is not exactly same, but the meaning is that).

      In my laptop i am already using win 7. rhel 6 is second os. i am using a dual boot.

      And also i am unable to install the rhel6 by selecting the first option i.e ” install or upgrade an existing system “. If i select this option at the hardware checking, the display turns black and need to force stop my laptop(dell inspiron 15r 5520, i5 3rd gen, 500gb, 4gb ram, only integrated graphic card is there i.e intel HD-4000).

      But i am able to install it by selecting the “install the system with basic video driver”.

      Is this problem with my laptop or rhel6?

      sorry for the long story, hope you understand.

      • Hi sscr,

        You have to use extended partitions when you have more than 4 partitions. So do not make them all as primary partitions. Also you can make swap partition on your LVM setup.

        Some reason your Intel graphics card doesn’t work with RHEL installer, so that’s why you have to select “install the system with basic video driver”. Normally this is fixed when you install system and fully upgrade it.

    2. I also was getting:

      No Disks found
      No usable disks have been found

      But, my VHD was set to IDE controller 1. Taking the hint above, I switched it to SCSI controller, tried again, and it still failed. Then switched it back to IDE controller 1, and then it worked fine.
      Go figure!

    3. i installed rhel6 but how to get gui mode… i think the packages are not installed… i tried with ctrl+alt+f1 but nothing working… plz help

      • Hi binay jha,

        What you selected on step 17. “Select softwares to install and enable repositories”?

    4. […] […]

    5. if any one has commands of redhat linux 6 please sand me on my gmail id…….thanks

    6. i have same problem with fedora and redhat too …………my laptop is dell xps 15………..
      this problem occured when all things going right and at last when system going to restart it start with text screen .but when i install same iso(redhat and fedora) in virtual machine it works fine.
      please help

      • Hi narendra,

        What you mean with “text screen”? Command line / console? Do you get any errors?

        Could you tell little bit more what you selected on customize package selection step?

    7. Hi
      Need ur helpI’ve installed redhat enterprise linux 6 on my laptop. I’ve worked in it after that when I restart my lap and open the VM virtual box manager and click start it again shows install and upgrade option…..waiting fr ur rply

      • Hi sam,

        I think that I answered this on Facebook to you. :)

        And to others solution was easy, just remove installation disk from VirtualBox storage options.

    8. hi, after i finised situp red hat, it need login and password, i dont know which login and pass.

      • Hi AHMED,

        Did you added user on post installation setup?

    9. Hi i have followed given steps to install KVM based VM guest, i am facing issue while creating custom layout .. I can see my partitions as /sda1 for root … I want to create lvm based /root partition with custom layout option

    10. Add a new disk with IDE type. remove the old one and installed on IDE hdd. it will be resolved.

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