CentOS 6.10 Netinstall Guide – Network Installation Screenshots Part 3

3.15 Select Type of Installation

If custom partitioning is needed then select Create custom layout.
CentOS 6.10 Select Type of Installation

3.16 Check (and modify) Partition setup

CentOS 6.10 Partition Setup

3.17 Write Changes to Disk

CentOS 6.10 Write Changes to Disk

3.18 Configure Boot Loader

CentOS 6.10 Configure Boot Loader

3.19 Customize Package Selection

I selected here Software Development Workstation, but you could choose example Server or Desktop and customize packages even more.
CentOS 6.10 Customize Package Selection

3.20 Starting Installation

CentOS 6.10 Starting Installation

3.21 Installing CentOS 6.10 packages

CentOS 6.10 Installing CentOS 6 Packages

3.22 CentOS 6.10 Installation Completed

CentOS 6.10 Installation Completed

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