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Sometimes it's nice to know or even very important to know, how much your PHP script is using memory. This is a simple example of a class, which can be used to collect the PHP script memory usage information and to print all information. It's easy to reformat output, if you want to use it example on web page or command line script. Or even do another function for web pages and another for command line scripts. [inttf_post_ad1] Memory Usage Information PHP Class <?php class MemoryUsageInformation { private $real_usage; private $statistics = array(); // Memory Usage Information constructor public function __construct($real_usage = false) { ...

3 comments on “PHP Memory Usage Information Class - Comment Page: 1

    1. You have a lot of interesting posts. I’ll give a try later using this Memory Information Class.


      • Hi Mauricio,

        Thanks, nice to hear that you find interesting posts here.

    2. As a programmer, optimizing memory usage has been spoken a lot. But there is hardly any discussion for checking actual memory usage information. Thanks for sharing the fundamental strong and much appreciated post.



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