Debian Sid / Wheezy Netinstall with LVM – Network Installation Guide Part 2

2.13 Manual Partition

2.14 Select Disk

2.15 Create New Empty Partition Table

2.16 Create Boot Partion

2.17 Create New Partion

2.18 Set Partition Size

2.19 Select Primary or Logical Partition

2.20 Select Location

2.21 Boot Partition Settings

2.22 Configure LVM

2.23 Write Changes to Disk Configure LVM

2.24 Create Volume Group

2.25 Set Volume Group Name

2.26 Select Devices

2.27 Write Changes to Disk

2.28 Create Logical Volume Swap

Select Create Logical Volume

Select Volume Group

Set Swap Logical Volume Name

Set Swap Logical Volume Size

2.29 Create Home and Root Logical Volumes

Do exactly same than with swap logical volume and set names like lv_home and lv_root. Select logical volume sizes. And check following steps:

Use Partition

Select File System

Set Mount Point and Finish

2.30 Final Setup and Finish

2.31 Write to Disk

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