Debian Sid / Wheezy Netinstall with LVM – Network Installation Guide Part 3

2.38 Installing Base System

Debian Installing Base System

Debian installing base system 2

2.39 Configure Package Manager Mirrors

Debian installing and configure package manager mirrors

Debian configure package manager mirrors 2

2.40 Configure Package Manager Proxy

Configure Package Manager Proxy

2.41 Configuring APT

Debian Configuring APT

2.42 Select and Install Software

Debian Select and Install Software

2.43 Configure Popularity Contest

Debian Configure Popularity Contest

2.44 Select Softwares to Install

Debian Select Softwares to Install

2.45 Download and Install Needed Packages

Debian Download Needed Packages

Debian Installing Downloaded Packages

2.46 Install GRUB to MBR

Debian Install GRUB to MBR

2.47 Finish the Installation

Debian Finish the Installation

2.48 Installation Complete

Debian Installation Complete

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