Debian Sid / Wheezy Netinstall with LVM – Network Installation Guide

This is guide with screenshots, howto install Debian Sid (unstable) / Wheezy (testing) using netinstall method. This guide also works with Debian Squeeze 6.0 (stable).

I use here Debian Wheezy (testing) netinstall image and graphical installer. After installation it’s easy to upgrade to Debian Sid (unstable) using apt, if you want to.

This Debian Sid / Wheezy Netinstall with LVM guide is divided on four main section and some important sub sections:

1. Before Debian Sid / Wheezy Installation
2. Debian Sid / Wheezy Installation
2.13 Manual Partition
2.38 Installing Base System
3. Debian Sid / Wheezy Post Installation
4. Howto Upgrade Debian Wheezy to Debian Sid (Debian testing to Debian unstable)

1. Before Debian Sid / Wheezy Installation

1.1 Download Debian Wheezy (testing) Netinstall Image

Download Debian Wheezy Beta 1 release netinstall image, select your system architecture, example i386 or amd64.

1.2 Burn Debian Wheezy Netinstall Image to CD or Create Live USB and Boot Computer Using Installation Media

Remember check your image md5sum before you create installation media. Then boot computer using Debian netinstall installation media.

2. Debian Sid / Wheezy Installation

2.1 Debian Wheezy Boot Menu (Grub)

2.2 Select Language

2.3 Select Location

2.4 Configure Keyboard

2.5 Load Installer Components

2.6 Configure the Network Hostname

2.7 Configure the Network Domain Name

2.8 Setup Users and Passwords

2.9 Setup User Name

2.10 Setup User Name for Account

2.11 Setup User Password

2.12 Configure the Clock and Time Zone

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