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This is a guide on howto modify and tweak Gnome 3.2 Gnome Shell on Fedora 16, easily with application called gnome-tweak-tool, using extensions and themes. With this guide you have two option, install all extensions and themes once or install just extensions and themes what you want to use. There's a lot of other themes and the extension, but those which are presented in this guide can be installed via the YUM package management, as well as they are of good quality. 1. Install Gnome Shell Extensions and Themes on Fedora 16 1.1 Change root user su - ## OR ## sudo -i 1.2 Install dependency gnome-tweak-tool yum install gnome-tweak-tool 1.3 Install...

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    1. I want to get gnome tweak tool & gnome shell extension for offline download.How could I find these files for offline(e.g. rpm or package)and which website to be found?Please,Could you answer my questions? Thanks you very much.

      • Hi Mr.YHM,

        Are you looking source rpm packages or just rpm packages?

        • Absolutely,I am sure,JR.As you ask, I am looking for just rpm packages. Do you know?

          • You can use yumdownloader, like:

            ## RPMS ##
            yumdownloader gnome-tweak-tool gnome-shell-\*
            ## Source RPMS ##
            yumdownloader --source gnome-tweak-tool gnome-shell-\*
    2. Thanks for your answers,JR.

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