Install Skype 8.69 on Fedora 34/33, CentOS/RHEL/SL 8.3/7.8 - Comment Page: 24

This is guide, howto install Skype 8.69 on Fedora 34/33/32/31 on CentOS/Red Hat (RHEL)/Scientific Linux (SL) 8.3/7.8. This is actually easy process, I updated this guide and use Skype own RPM package, because it's currently only way the install Skype. Skype 4.3 and older versions are outdated after July 1. 2017. Notice From Skype download page: Important notice: All Skype for Linux clients version 4.3 and older will be retired on July 1, 2017. To keep chatting, please install the latest version of Skype for Linux. Check video version of guide: Watch More Videos and Subscribe to Youtube Channel 1. Install Skype 8.69 on Fedora...

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    1. The tutorials are really helpful. Thanks a lot. Kudos!

    2. Thank you for instruction. I had no issues on any step on while installing on CentOS 6.9. Good work!!!

    3. on Fedora 26, after following your instructions, this happened:

      [d@d-HP-Pavilion-dv6700-Notebook-PC ~]$ skype
      /usr/bin/skype: line 4: /opt/skype/skype: No such file or directory
      [d@d-HP-Pavilion-dv6700-Notebook-PC ~]$

    4. Again, saving my day! Thank you

    5. Does it support RHEL 6.x?

    6. well it does not work on 32-bit, or I do not know how to make it work! Following the procedure, I get when running the dnf install command (or the yum localinstall), the following message : “Can not load RPM file: /tmp/skype/skypeforlinux-64.rpm.”
      Any suggestion ?

    7. As you show, latest skype for linux installs easily on Centos 7.4

      but having installed it, neither of my microphones work. Skype recognizes the mic in my webcam, but it outputs no audio to the remote connection. I also have a Plantronics USB headset that I’d rather use, and skype fails completely to even admit it exists.

      Any advice on this issue?

      thanks in advance!

      • Hi Fred,

        Is your mic(s) working normally with another apps? What you see if you check your Audio -> Input settings?

    8. The new skype sucks. Any chance to still use a older version?

    9. That useful! The same commands to update too!
      Thank you!

      • Hello Johan,

        Actually this direct rpm install also adds same repo, so both methods works same way. And earlier this repo file directly wasn’t available, but now I could update this to guide so thanks for this information.

        Btw. this won’t work for CentOS/RHEL users, better method:

        wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/skype-stable.repo
    10. there is a flatpak for skype on flathub

      • You can use flatpak too, if you want.

    11. Thank you! That was very helpful!

    12. When I trying to install Skype for linux 8.3
      Fedora 29 showme the following message “Can not load RPM file: /tmp/skypeforlinux-64.rpm.”

      I just followed the Quick Fedora Doc.

      Please helpme.

      Best regards

      • Hi Simon_El_Bribon,

        Do you have /tmp/skypeforlinux-64.rpm file?

        ls -la /tmp/skypeforlinux-64.rpm
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