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This is a PHP, PDO and SQLite3 example, which demonstrates the SQLite3 databse usage with PHP-PDO. The PHP / PDO / SQLite3 example code demonstrates following things, and their use: Create / Connect SQLite3 databases Use SQLite3 file and memory databases Create tables in SQLite3 database Use SQLite3 db different datetime formats Insert data to SQLite3 database PDO / SQLite3 prepared statements Bind parameters to statement variables Bind values to statement variables Quote a string for use in a query Update data in SQLite3 database Select / Query from SQLite3 database and print query output Drop SQLite3 table Close SQLite3...

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    1. Very nice tutorial on PDO / sqlite. Have been struggling with using PDO and you made it simple for me to follow.


    2. It worked once I removed “SQLITE3_INTEGER”, “SQLITE3_TEXT”, & “SQLITE3_TEXT”.

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