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This is guide, howto upgrade Fedora 18 to Fedora 19 (Schrödinger's Cat) using YUM. I have tested this method on few machines, but if you have problems, please let me know. Always remember backup, before upgrade! 1. Before Upgrade 1.1 Backup Your Data Before doing anything, do full system backup or backup at least your important data: documents, pictures, videos, config files, log files, databases etc. This is very important, because if something go wrong and you have to do fresh install, then you can easily restore your data. 2. Upgrade Fedora 18 to Fedora 19 2.1 Change root user su - ## OR ## sudo -i 2.2 Update Fedora 18 Packages yum...

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    1. Thanks, I skipped the recommended backup and log check. So far all works well. The upgrade, step 2.7, took what seemed for ever; all is well.

    2. Hi,

      Thanks for this. However, I keep getting lots of ‘FAILED’ messages as it scrolls through what I assume are packages it’s trying to download. An example being:

      ‘libnotify -0.7.6-1.fc20.i686.rp FAILED’

      Any ideas? I’ve tried most procedures in the fedora community so am at a bit of a loss at what could be wrong.

      I’m very new to Linux so it’s still all a bit vague to me I’m afraid.


      • Hi Al,

        Do you have Fedora 18 installed?


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