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This is guide, howto upgrade Fedora 22 to Fedora 23 using DNF. I have tested this method on several machines, but if you have problems, please let me know. Always remember backup, before upgrade! 1. Before Upgrade 1.1 Backup Your Data Before doing anything, do full system backup or backup at least your important data: documents, pictures, videos, config files, log files, databases etc. This is very important step, because if something go wrong and you have to do fresh install, then you can easily restore your data. 2. Upgrade Fedora 22 to Fedora 23 using DNF 2.1 Change root user su - ## OR ## sudo -i 2.2 Update Fedora 22 Packages dnf...

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    1. I followed the upgrade instructions in the Fedora Magazine and had a terrible failure. I suspect the nVidia video driver. When it rebooted from the upgrade, the log screen blinked constantly and could not be exited via Ctrl+Alt+F2 or any other F-key. It was time for a fresh install anyway, but as always, it wasn’t the best time :^)

    2. Just use this tutorial to upgrade from fedora 21 to 23, and it worked perfectly


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