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Display manager is a graphical login manager which starts a session, simply asks username and password to login desktop. This is guide howto switch/change display manager easily on Fedora 35/34/33. On Fedora you can choose example GDM (Gnome Display Manager), SDDM (Simple Desktop Display Manager), LXDM (LXDE Display Manager), LightDM, KDM (KDE Display Manager), XDM (X Display Manager). Run this guide commands as root user or using sudo. [inttf_post_ad1] 1. Howto Switch Display Manager on Fedora in General 1.1 Install Display Manager dnf install [display manager] 1.2 Disable Old Display Manager systemctl disable [old display manager] 1.3 Enable New Display Manager systemctl...

9 comments on “Fedora Switch Display Manager – GDM / SDDM / LXDM / LightDM / KDM / XDM - Comment Page: 1

    1. FEDORA 29 :
      dnf install xorg-x11-xdm

      systemctl disable gdm

      systemctl enable xdm


      impossible to enter password !!!!!!!

    2. Heh, I’m reading it cause I accidentally removed my display manager…

      • Heh, fortunately it’s easy to restore.

    3. I’m under Fedora 31 and whatever I try, installation fail (In fact, it works but the computer didn’t start in a graphical mode after that -black screen or stuck on “GNOME Display Manager).

      MX150 from Mi Notebook Air 13.3
      Fedora 31

      • Hi Dylan,

        Looks like you have nVidia Optimus device. Linux drivers doesn’t support it or yes partial support, everything else works but not your laptop panel.

    4. Thx a lot, saved my day. After installing FC31 from a KDE live image, which mysteriously installed only GNOME. ;-(

    5. Thank you for your hard work helping linux users!

    6. Nicely explained. Thank you.

    7. Hi there,
      Thank you for an excellent, clear article.


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