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This is guide, howto install NVIDIA Container Toolkit with Docker >= 20.10 on Fedora 33. Check video to see also howto install latest Docker Engine 20.10 (docker-ce) on Fedora 33. Same method works with Podman, but it will cause strange SELinux problems even with custom generated policy installed. So package still requires Docker 20.10 or newer. If you want run Podman version without docker dependencies, let me know and I can build different version of nvidia-docker2 package. Check video version of guide: What you need before installation: Linux Kernel >= 5.9 Latest NVIDIA Drivers >= 455.45.01 Docker >= 20.10 (this is original Fedora install...

9 comments on “Install NVIDIA Container Toolkit with Docker 20.10 on Fedora 33 - Comment Page: 1

    1. Thanks so much for this awesome post, it was very useful to me.

      How to use tensorflow now with this container? Do you consider feasible to do also a post about it?


      • Hello Miguel,

        Excellent to hear that you liked it! Tensorflow post sounds great idea, I try to do it soon!

    2. Thank you very much for preparing the repository and posting this article and saving so much time of my time!

      Literally, I was about give up on Fedora and switch to Ubuntu, because I need cuda in docker.

    3. Thank you again for the article and for the package.

      I was wandering if the manual steps (without an external repo) are doable and how complicated it is. Any ideas where to look?

    4. Wondering if you can put one together for Fedora 35? Thanks!

      • It should be possible. Will take same time go through this and update everything.

    5. This no longer seems to work on Fedora36 , can it be updated?

      inttf Fedora 36 Repo 747 kB/s | 1.1 MB 00:01
      No match for argument: nvidia-docker2
      Error: Unable to find a match: nvidia-docker2

    6. Thanks for the awesome work!
      Will this guide get an updated version for Fedora (Server) 37?
      I can’t seem to find the nvidia-docker2 package with dnf.


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