inttf NVIDIA 435.xx, 418.xx, 340.xx Patcher for Kernel 5.13/5.12/5.11 [BASH Script] - Comment Page: 3

This is a BASH script, which download NVIDIA installer, extract it, patch it and make new patched installer package. This is very quickly tested alpha version so if you have any problems please let me know or if this works as it should you can also let me know. I use here currently ARCH Linux Patches + my own patches. Currently this works with NVIDIA 340.108 / 418.113 / 435.21 drivers and latest 5.13, 5.12, 5.11, 5.10 and 5.9 kernels. This should work with any distribution. You just need install wget and patch packages. Check video version of guide: Download and Use inttf NVIDIA Patcher BASH Script 1. Change root user su - # OR # sudo -i 2. Install Needed...

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    1. x86 version not available?

      • Unfortunately no. If you find suitable / working patches, then patching should be easy job.

    2. Thanks for this. I’ve been begging NVidia to fix this (release a newer driver for older cards). Due to this post, I have the NVidia driver back on my Linux workstation!

    3. Your script was a lifesaver, thank you!

      I have a VOSTRO 2510 which I really love and have used for many years.
      It’s stuck on NVIDIA 340.108 due to NVIDIA abandoning hardware that still has life in it.
      I’m able to play many new games, even the new Axiom Verge 2 under wine, yet NVIDIA seems to think it’s obsolete.
      (I prefer older 2D type games anyhow so almost everything I like runs perfectly on my laptop.)
      I’m able to get the latest prereqs and compile most software I like as well.

      One quick question: I used to use XANMOD and really like it but can not get it to work with your script.
      Is there an easy fix and/or a possible update you could add which would also allow XANMOD to work?

      Thank you for the script. It is greatly appreciated.

      – Dieter

      • Hello,

        Thanks, nice to hear that this helped you.

        Do you mean XanMod kernel 5.13 or 5.14?

        Kernel 5.13 should work, currently only Fedora 5.13 is tested, so XanMod might have something built in what cause problems.

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