Upgrade Fedora 33 from Fedora 32 using DNF - Comment Page: 1

This is guide, howto upgrade Fedora 32 to Fedora 33 using DNF. This method works on desktop and server machines. You can also upgrade older Fedora installations (example Fedora 31/30/29) directly to Fedora 33. I have tested this method on several machines, but if you have problems, please let me know. Always remember backup, before upgrade! Check video version of guide: 1. Before Upgrade [inttf_post_ad1] 1.1 Backup Your Data Before doing anything, do full system backup or backup at least your important data: documents, pictures, videos, config files, log files, databases etc. This is very important step, because if something goes wrong and you have to do fresh install,...

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    1. Excelente tutorial


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