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Official GNOME 40 for Debian and Ubuntu is coming. This is guide howto build GNOME 40.3 now and run it as your desktop environment. This is actually a bit more than just building exact GNOME 40 Desktop, this is your Swiss Army Knife to build latest GNOME packages when you want and survival pack to help you live on bleeding edge. GNOME 40 is, of course, a major release, but also all minor releases GNOME 40.1 / 40.2 / 40.3 / 40.4 / 40.5 / 40.6. brings something new. Also GNOME 41 is coming in October 2021 If you are 'one-click man', 'looking always easiest way to do something' and 'wonder why I have to do something more than just click somewhere to get...

2 comments on “GNOME 40.3 on Debian / Ubuntu – JHBuild GNOME Latest - Comment Page: 1

    1. my first run of jhbuild sanitycheck asked for libxml-parser-perl

      • Hello Andika,

        Thanks. It’s needed yes. If you see any missing thing during the guide, then just install it, like:

        apt install libxml-parser-perl

        I added this to dependencies list, but I have used GNOME desktop as base here so more minimal installs might need even more dependencies what is listed here.


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