Fedora 12 Desktop with MenuFedora team promises to bring to you the latest and greatest release of Fedora ever, Fedora 12! Many things are really changed and improved. Fedora 12 also brings lots of new packages.

Here is some highlights from Fedora 12 new stuff

  • Optimized performance – 32-bit architecture software packages have been compiled with special optimization for the Intel Atom processors without losing compatibility with the overwhelming majority of CPUs.
  • Smaller and faster updates – Fedora 12 uses yum-presto plugin as default. So update manager download only changes for packages.
  • Improvements for graphics support – Introduces experimental 3D support for AMD Radeon HD 2400 and later graphics cards. To try it out, install the mesa-dri-drivers-experimental package. Better support for systems with multiple monitors.
  • Bluetooth on-demand – Bluetooth services are automatically started when needed and stopped 30 seconds after last device use, reducing initial startup time and resource use when Bluetooth is not in active use.
  • Better webcam support – Fedora 12 you can expect even better video quality, especially for less expensive webcams.
  • Next-generation (Ogg) Theora video – Theora videos now deliver much better quality primarily via enhancements in the encoder without any change in the format
  • Automatic reporting of crashes and SELinux issues – Abrt, a tool to help non-power users report crashes to Bugzilla with a few mouse clicks, is now enabled by default.

And some higlights of new programs and packages on Fedora 12

  • Gnome 2.28 – Latest Gnome desktop release
  • KDE 4.3 – Latest KDE desktop release
  • Abrt – Tool for easy bug reporting
  • Empathy – Default IM client
  • Fedora Studio – Classify multimedia applications into subgroups for easy access
  • NetBeans 6.7 – Latest NetBeans IDE
  • Eclipse Galileo – Latest Eclipse Galileo
  • Perl 6
  • PHP 5.3
  • Open Shared Root – Provides abilities to boot multiple linux systems with the same root filesystem
  • GFS2 Clustered Samba – Support for clustered samba (including active/active configuration) over GFS2 using CTDB

Here is Fedora 12 full release notes.