4. Restore/Change/Update Plymouth After NVIDIA Drivers Installation (BIOS/UEFI Users)

Please let me know if it works or if you have some problems. This page is still untested. I will test and update this in the near future. So don’t hold your breath.

4.1 Create /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf file

Create /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf with content “options nvidia_drm modeset=1”

echo "options nvidia_drm modeset=1" >> /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf

4.2 Create /etc/dracut.conf.d/nvidia.conf file

Create /etc/dracut.conf.d/nvidia.conf file with following content, note you need white spaces inside add_drivers and install_items:

add_drivers+=" nvidia nvidia_modeset nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm "
install_items+=" /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf "

4.3 Regenerate initramfs/initrd image(s)

mkinitrd /boot/initrd-$(uname -r) $(uname -r)

If you want use default theme solar, then just reboot:


If you want some other plymouth theme then continue reading.

4.4 Check available Plymouth themes

## openSUSE 15.5/15.4/15.3/Tumbleweed ##
zypper search plymouth-theme
S | Name                                | Summary                     | Type
i | plymouth-theme-bgrt                 | Plymouth "bgrt" theme        | package
  | plymouth-theme-breeze               | Plymouth "Breeze" theme      | package
  | plymouth-theme-breeze-plugin-breeze | Plymouth "breeze" plugin     | package
  | plymouth-theme-fade-in              | Plymouth "Fade-In" theme     | package
  | plymouth-theme-opensuse-beat        | Theme opensuse-beat for Pl-> | package
  | plymouth-theme-script               | Plymouth "Script" theme      | package
  | plymouth-theme-solar                | Plymouth "Solar" theme       | package
  | plymouth-theme-spinfinity           | Plymouth "Spinfinity" theme  | package
i | plymouth-theme-spinner              | Plymouth "Spinner" theme     | package
  | plymouth-theme-tribar               | Plymouth "Tribar" theme      | package

4.5 Install Plymouth and some Plymouth theme, example spinfinity

## openSUSE 15.5/15.4/15.3/Tumbleweed ##
zypper install plymouth-theme-spinfinity

4.6 Setup spinfinity as default theme

plymouth-set-default-theme spinfinity

4.7 Regenerate initramfs/initrd image(s)

mkinitrd /boot/initrd-$(uname -r) $(uname -r)

4.8 Reboot and check, is it working as it should be