Fedora 13 ATI Catalyst (fglrx) 10.11 Drivers Install/Uninstall

I just read from my own blog about that the ATI propriety drivers is now working with Fedora 13 (thanks Jack). So I decided to test and install ATI Catalyst 10.11 (fglrx) proprietary drivers. And try new ATI Catalyst 10.11 Proprietary drivers with my ATI Radeon HD 3650 card. This is guide, howto install and uninstall ATI Catatlyst 10.11 (fglrx) Drivers. Installation is very easy with using RPMFusion Non-Free repository.
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Fedora 13 ATI Drivers (Mesa 3D DRI Radeon)

I wrote “Howto Install ATI Drivers (Mesa 3D DRI Experimental) on Fedora 12 Linux” a few months ago, because there is no way to install ATI’s proprietary drivers on Fedora 12. And the situation is no better either with Fedora 13. I can’t understand, that why AMD can’t publish new ATI graphics card drivers for new Linux kernels and X.org. For example, the nVidia Linux driver releases succeed as easily as the Windows drivers.
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Howto Install ATI Drivers (Mesa 3D DRI Experimental) on Fedora 12 Linux

Fedora 13 Users check Fedora 13 ATI Drivers Guide » Like all ATI and Fedora users probably already knows, currently AMD’s ATI Catalyst 10.2 proprietary Linux display drivers are not working on Fedora 12. That is why I decided to write this guide for those who are fighting with ATI drivers in Fedora. As Fedora 12 release notes says: Improvements for graphics support – Introduces experimental 3D support for AMD Radeon HD 2400 and later graphics cards.
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