Build and Setup Qt6 on Debian 12 / Ubuntu 24.04

  1. Build, install and setup Qt6 Build Qt6 using kdesrc-build. 3.1 Add qt-install-dir to ~/.config/kdesrc-buildrc [normal user] Modify ~/.config/kdesrc-buildrc and add qt-install-dir row to global section. global qt-install-dir ~/kde/usr branch-group kf6-qt6 # Finds and includes KDE-based dependencies into the build. This makes … end global 3.2 Install needed dependencies [root] Enable backports repo deb bookworm-backports main contrib non-free apt update Install depencies apt install libb2-dev libproxy-dev libmd4c-dev libmd4c-html0-dev libxcb-xinput-dev \ libatspi2.
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Install kdesrc-build on Debian 12 / Ubuntu 24.04

  1. Install kdesrc-build on Debian Trixie 12 / Sid and Ubuntu You will need two consoles another root and another normal user. Whole kdesrc-build will run under normal user account, but you will need lot of dependencies to get everything up and running. Check step title to see is command meant to run as [normal user] or [root]. 2.1 Install git [root] apt install git 2.2 Setup git [normal user] git config –global user.
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KDE 6 on Debian 12 and Ubuntu 20.24 (kdesrc-build)

Official KDE Plasma 6 for Debian and Ubuntu is coming later. This is guide howto build KDE Plasma 6 now and run it as your desktop environment. This is actually a bit more than just building exact KDE Plasma 6 Desktop, this is your Swiss Army Knife to build latest KDE packages when you want and survival pack to help you live on bleeding edge, even if official KDE 6 is published.
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