Solarized Linux

I like very much Ethan Schoonover Solarized color palette. So I decided write a guide, howto get Solarized colors to most commonly used Linux terminals (Gnome-Terminal, Konsole, XFCE Terminal, Mate-Terminal), Text editors (Gedit, Vim) and IDEs (Eclipse, NetBeans). These are not my projects, so the greatest honor belongs, of course, these projects owners and Ethan Schoonover.

  1. Install Needed Tools (git, mercurial, 7-zip) 2. Create and Change to Solarized Directory 3.
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Install, Configure and Use Gnome Do – Docky on Fedora 12 Linux

What is Gnome Do? GNOME Do (Do) is an intelligent launcher tool that allows users to use the keyboard to rapidly perform tasks such as launching applications, manipulating files and data, running scripts, or sending e-mail. It is similar to the applications GNOME Launch Box (Linux Gnome), KRunner (Linux KDE), Quicksilver (Mac OS X), LaunchBar (Mac OS X) and Butler (Mac OS X). What is Gnome Do – Docky? Gnome Do – Docky is a nice frontend for GNOME Do (Do) which introduces an entirely new way to use Gnome Do.
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Howto Install KDE 4.4 or Update to KDE 4.4 on Fedora 12 Linux

Updated 26.2.2010, Read First Currently, the latest version of the KDE desktop in Fedora is 4.3.5. I had some problems with its stability, so I decided to try out, how will work KDE 4.4.0 the latest stable version of KDE. At first I tried to install KDE 4.4 from Rawhide repository, but it failed to install from there. Here is instructions on how to install KDE 4.4 successfully using RPMFusion and KDE Packaging Project Repositories.
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Linux: Enable Laptop Touchpad Vertical Scrolling and Tapping from Command Line

I noticed that the Fedora Linux with KDE desktop, has reasonably poor support for laptop touchpad adjustment. For example, the KDE > System Settings > Keyboard & Mouse > Mouse options will not be able to enable vertical scrolling and touchpad tapping. So I decided to write this short guide, howto enable Touchpad vertical scrolling and tapping from command line without any GUI. Enable Laptop Touchpad Vertical Scrolling Simply write following on command line:
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