terminal-logo-smallI noticed that the Fedora Linux with KDE desktop, has reasonably poor support for laptop touchpad adjustment. For example, the KDE > System Settings > Keyboard & Mouse > Mouse options will not be able to enable vertical scrolling and touchpad tapping. So I decided to write this short guide, howto enable Touchpad vertical scrolling and tapping from command line without any GUI.

Enable Laptop Touchpad Vertical Scrolling

Simply write following on command line:

synclient VertEdgeScroll=1

Enable Laptop Touchpad Tapping

Simply write following on command line:

synclient TapButton1=1

Make Previous Options Permanent

Change to root User

su -
## OR ##
sudo -i

Create a configuration file
Copy /usr/share/hal/fdi/policies/20thirdparty/10-synaptics.fdi example file to /etc/hal/fdi/policy

cp /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty/10-synaptics.fdi /etc/hal/fdi/policy

Add following lines to configuration file


Full configuration file looks like this