SVN (Subversion) Backup and Restore

This is quick guide, howto Backup (dump) and Restore (load) SVN (Subversion) repository on Linux. This is actually very simple and important task. SVN backup and restore is useful when you want to move your repos to new server or you need to recover your data. I assume here that you have Subversion (SVN) installed and you have existing repositories. If you installed and created testrepo with earlier guide then you can check real examples.
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SVN Remove Added File From Repository and Keep Local File – Subversion

This is quick SVN (Subversion) tip, howto remove added file from SVN repository without deleting file from local filesystem. Remove File From SVN Repository and Keep Local File svn delete –keep-local path/to/file.example Real example: svn delete –keep-local css/test.css Real world usage example Adding a whole directory add a file that was not intended to SVN reads, but should be retained locally. svn add css/ A css A css/testing_styles.css A css/style.
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