2. Install JHBuild on Debian Bullseye 11 / Sid and Ubuntu 21.04 / 21.10

You will need two consoles another root and another normal user. Whole JHBuild will run under normal user account, but you will need lot of dependencies to get everything up and running. Check step title is command meant to run as [normal user] or [root].

2.1 Check python3 version

Should be >= 3.5

python3 --version

2.2 Install git and other build tools [root]

apt install git make autoconf automake gettext yelp-tools autopoint gcc pkg-config

2.3 Get latest JHBuild [normal user]

cd ~

git clone https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/jhbuild.git

2.4 Build JHBuild [normal user]

cd jhbuild

./autogen.sh --simple-install
make install

2.5 Add JHBuild to PATH [normal user]

## Current session ##

## Permanently ##
echo 'PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin' >> ~/.bashrc

2.6 Install needed packages to pass jhbuild sanitycheck [root]

apt install python3-distutils libtool docbook-xsl flex bison apt-file libxml-parser-perl

2.7 Test run jhbuild sanitycheck [normal user]

jhbuild sanitycheck

Empty output means everyhting is OK and good to go.