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This is quick guide howto install Terminus Terminal / Consele font.

Terminus Font is a clean, fixed width bitmap font, designed for long (8 and more hours per day) work with computers. Version 4.49.1 contains 1356 characters, covers about 120 language sets and supports ISO8859-1/2/5/7/9/13/15/16, Paratype-PT154/PT254, KOI8-R/U/E/F, Esperanto, many IBM, Windows and Macintosh code pages, as well as the IBM VGA, vt100 and xterm pseudographic characters.

Sizes: 6x12, 8x14, 8x16, 10x18, 10x20, 11x22, 12x24, 14x28 and 16x32. Weights: normal and bold (except for 6x12), plus CRT VGA-bold for 8x14 and 8x16.

Install Terminus Console Font on Fedora

1. Change root user

su -

## OR ##

sudo -i

2. Install Terminus Console Font

dnf install terminus-fonts-console

3. Pick Terminus Font size and style

List available sizes and styles (normal or bold):

ls /usr/lib/kbd/consolefonts/ter*
names mappings covered codepage(s)
ter-1* iso01, iso15, cp1252 ISO8859-1, ISO8859-15, Windows-1252
ter-2* iso02, cp1250 ISO8859-2, Windows-1250
ter-7* iso07, cp1253 ISO8859-7, Windows-1253
ter-9* iso09, cp1254 ISO8859-9, Windows-1254
ter-c* cp1251, iso05 Windows-1251, ISO8859-5
ter-d* iso13, cp1257 ISO8859-13, Windows-1257
ter-g* iso16 ISO8859-16
ter-i* cp437 IBM-437
ter-k* koi8r KOI8-R
ter-m* mik Bulgarian-MIK
ter-p* pt154 Paratype-PT154
ter-u* koi8u KOI8-U
ter-v* all listed above and many others all listed above (about 110 and many others language sets), 8 foreground colors
names style
ter-*n normal 
ter-*b bold
ter-*f framebuffer-bold

4. Set font using “setfont” command

This works on virtual console, set example biggest Terminus ISO8859-15 normal font -> ter-132n.

setfont ter-132n

5. Set font permanently adding it to /etc/vconsole.conf

Edit /etc/vconsole.conf file


6. Reboot


Now virtual consoles use ter-132n font.