YUM Changelog

Package change log information is not directly available from the YUM package management. This is short guide howto enable (install) changelog plugin and use changelog information with YUM package management system.

Install YUM Changelog Plugin for Viewing Package Changelogs

Install YUM Changelog Plugin on Fedora (as root)

yum install yum-plugin-changelog

Install YUM Changelog Plugin on CentOS and Red Hat (RHEL) (as root)

yum install yum-changelog

Examples Howto to View Changelogs

Viewing Selected Package Changelogs

Viewing all glibc package changelogs

yum changelog all glibc

Viewing 15 latest glibc package changelogs

yum changelog 15 glibc

Viewing latest glibc package changelog

yum changelog 1 glibc

Viewing all glibc package changelogs in 2010

yum changelog "2010-01-01" glibc

View changelogs for all updates before update with YUM

yum update --changelog

Listing changelogs with different options

View all changelogs of installed packages

yum changelog all installed

View all recent changelogs

yum changelog all recent

View all changelogs of obsoletes packages

yum changelog all obsoletes

View all extras packages last changelogs

yum changelog 1 extras

YUM Changelog command full usage

# yum help changelog 
changelog ||all [PACKAGE|all|installed|updates|extras|obsoletes|recent]

Display changelog data, since a specified time, on a group of packages

alias: ChangeLog

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