PHP CLI Colors – PHP Class Command Line Colors (bash)

PHP Command Line Interface (CLI) has not built-in coloring for script output, like example Perl language has ( So I decided to make own class for adding colors on PHP CLI output. This class works only Bash shells. This class is easy to use. Just create new instance of class and call getColoredString function with string and foreground color and/or background color. PHP Class for Coloring PHP Command Line (CLI) Scripts Output <?
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Google search from Linux and UNIX command line

Today I started thinking that how cool is do some Google searches straight from command line. First I try to find some ready tricks from the Internet, but I couldn’t find quickly anything good. So I decide do a simple Bash function that can take Google search as parameter and open Firefox Browser (tab) with Google search. Sounds easy… :) First we need Google search URL without search parameter and it looks like this:
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Nano Text Editor and nanorc Tips and Tricks

Nano is easy to use and lightweight command line text editor for Linux and UNIX systems. Nano text editor can use either the default settings or improve settings with customized nanorc-file. Here are some tips that can improve the usability of Nano. Changes can be made to nanorc file, either locally or to all users or options can be used as command line options. First is good to check Nano compiled options, with command:
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