CentOS 5.10 Netinstall – Network Installation

CentOS 6 is released, check CentOS 6.3 Netinstall guide.

If the purpose is to upgrade from an older version of CentOS to CentOS 5.10 then read following guide: Upgrade to CentOS 5.10 From 5.8 (5.7, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4, 5.3, 5.2, 5.1, 5.0) guide

This is CentOS (The Community ENTerprise Operating System) 5.10 Linux Network installation (NetInstall) step-by-step walkthrough with screenshots.

Install CentOS 5.10 with NetInstall method

1. Download CentOS 5.10 Net Install (NetInstall) Image

Select mirror here:
i386 version
x86_64 version

Select ISO image

2. Burn Image to CD and Boot Computer Using CentOS 5.10 Installation CD

Check CentOS image MD5 sum and burn image to CD with your favourite CD burner. And boot computer using CentOS Installation CD.

3. Select Network Installation (NetInstall) on LiveCD Grub Menu or just press enter on CentOS Netinstall CD

Centos 5.10 Netinstall boot

4. Booting CentOS 5.10 Installer

Booting CentOS 5.10 Installer

5. Choose a Language

Choose a Language

6. Select keyboard type

Select keyboard type

7. Select Network Installation Method

Select Network Installation Method

8. Configure TCP/IP settings

Configure TCP/IP settings

9. Setup CentOS 5.10 Netinstall URL (Installation Web site name and CentOS directory)

Web site name:

CentOS directory for i386:

CentOS directory for x86_64:

CentOS 5 Netinstall url (http setup)

10. Downloading Installer

Downloading Installer

11. Welcome to CentOS Screen

CentOS 5.10 Welcome to CentOS

12. Select Partitioning Type

Select “Create custom layout” option if you want modify partitions.
CentOS 5.10 Select partitioning type

Here you can modify partition layout.
CentOS 5.10 Partition layout

13. Boot Loader Configuration

CentOS 5.10 Bootloader setup

14. Network configuration

CentOS 5.10 Network setup

15. Select Time Zone

CentOS 5.10 Timezone setup

16. Set Root Password

CentOS 5.10 Set root password

17. Select packages for Installation

CentOS 5.10 Select installation type

18. Installing Selected Packages

CentOS 5.10 Installing selected packages

19. Installation Completed, Reboot

CentOS 5.10 Installation complete

20. Booted on Just Installed CentOS 5.9 Linux Server Command Line

CentOS 5.9 Shell Login

What to do next?

Install Adobe Flash Player 11 on CentOS 5.10

Install Sun/Oracle Java (JDK, JRE) 6 on CentOS 5.10

Install VirtualBox (with yum) on CentOS 5.10

Follow If Not True Then False Updates!


  1. I’m always searching for stuff on information that I don’t know about, even though it might be old news. It’s hard to search things that you don’t know of, because what do you search for? ;) This was the type of thing I love to read about on something new to me. Awsome read! Thanks.

    • Thanks man…it helped me a lot for my college lab..

  2. under heading: Setup Network Installation Web site name and CentOS directory, screen shot and instructions are wrong (at least for i386)

    In the Cent OS directory field if you add a “/” before the centos/5.5/os/i386 you’ll get an error message that reads: Error setting up mirror.centos.org//centos/5.5/os.i386

    do not add a “/” before centos, this will be handled for you.


    • Hi brian,

      I just tested CentOS 5.5 i386 Netinstallation and used slash / before centos/5.5/os/i386 and It worked as it should work.

      Actually you have here mirror.centos.org//centos/5.5/os.i386 one typo. It should be:
      mirror.centos.org/centos/5.5/os/i386 or mirror.centos.org//centos/5.5/os/i386

      If you test mirror.centos.org//centos/5.5/os/i386with you browser, it works normally. It’s redirected to mirror.centos.org/centos/5.5/os/i386

      • haha, yeah. i caught that “os.i386″ after i posted. wasn’t copy and paste, just a fat finger. none the less when i didn’t put the / in front of centos it worked just fine and when i did it failed. oh well, weird.

        thanks for testing.


        • when installing another copy of centOS i got the same error message as before however this time i was able to figure out why. it seems that if you fat finger the URL the error message simply puts “//” between the first and second line. such as the above error. annoying as i spent my time banging my head trying to figure out why i had 2 slashes instead of opening my eyes and realizing i had a typo. (probably more of a personal issue then an OS issue) however a notation in the instructions might be nice for idiots such as myself.

          • Hi brian,

            Glad to hear that the problem was solved after all this time also. :D

            Btw. maybe you should check CentOS 6 Netinstall guide. URL setup is much better on CentOS 6. :)

  3. Thank you. When I saw the image at “Select Packages for Installation” included Desktop-GNOME and Desktop-KDE, I knew I had finally found the procedure I was needing.

    Just ONE question: after rebooting from Desktop install, will the user go to CLI or GUI? Yes, I am able to type startx at the CLI. :)

    I am “comfortable” on the CLI but am NOT a Sys Admin nor Network Admin.

    Thanks again for the procedure.

    • Hi Marti,

      Thanks for the compliments :)

      After rebooting using desktop installation user should go to GUI normally. :)

      • Thank you for the answer. I am anxious to try this distro “flavor” one day.

  4. sensational stuff. do not cease saying it the reality Your weblog is within the primary spot of my favorites.

  5. i installed “server – gui” with no gnome or kde. sweet. no bloatware.

  6. Thank you very much. That saved my day.

  7. Yo quiero instalar centos 5.6 i386 con netinstall, para esto ingreso:

    Web site name: mirror.centos.org
    CentOS directory: centos/5.6/os/i386

    Pero me da error, ayuda por favor

    • intenta seleccionando desde FTP luego el sitio http://ftp.inf.utfsm.cl
      CentOS directory: centos/5.6/os/i386 y listo. A mi me funca.

  8. Hi,
    your network installer for x64 doesn’t work,
    when you specify only IPV4 – regardless of proper fields:
    Web site name: mirror.centos.org
    CentOS directory for x86_64: centos/5.6/os/x86_64
    – or –
    CentOS directory for x86_64: /centos/5.6/os/x86_64
    – always same error, of unable to get the stage2.img.
    After enabling IPV6, works fine – VERY STRANGE.

    • Hi,

      This sounds really strange, but nice to hear that you get it working and this info might also help someone else. Thanks!

    • Having the exact same error. IPV4 only and I use mirrors.centos.org/centos/5.7/os/x86_64

      it doesn’t exist….

      Try it in your web browser. the URL fails.

      “Unable to retrieve … stage2.img” is the error

  9. This was a big help. I was able to use the Fedora livecd creator to burn the Centos netinstall.iso to my thumb drive and then boot my laptop with it. I used this howto to install Centos 5.7 and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the excellent blog post… It’s a great reference!

  11. Great post – Thanks

  12. I was following the instructions here trying to install CentOS 5.6 but I got stuck at Step 9. It gives me a not found error. I read the readme and it says that 5.6 is already deprecated and should use vault.centos.org instead of mirror.centos.org

    So I used this values

    Server: vault.centos.org
    path: /5.6/os/x86_64/

    And it worked.

    Thanks for the tutorial

  13. First, thanks for taking the time to put this net-install tutorial together!! I needed to re-install CentOS 5, after getting part way into CentOS 6, and realizing the laptop I scrounged didn’t meet the PAE specs for 6. But, how do I get a network install to work? Google and I found your post.

    Only pointer I’d give is a similar one to Android VPN’s: the net-installs with mirror.centos.org blew out, with a not found error – different each time I tried it (!!) – and I remembered coming across a centos.org note about getting full downloads from the mirrors. Tried that – I used rackspace – and it worked like a charm.

    Thanks again.

  14. i try to install Centos 5.8 64 bit in my new IBM x3650 M4 server but failed while i try to setup the partition. appear error : your boot partition is on a disk using GPT partition scheme. but this machine cant boot using GPT’.

    Is it any other way for me to install Centos 5.8 on this machine? Please help SOS. Thanks.

    • Hi izwan,

      Booting from a disk with a GPT label requires EFI BIOS and an EFI-compatible boot loader. GRUB in CentOS 5 doesn’t support GPT or EFI.

      The old DOS partition table format is limited to <2TB disks/arrays. GPT is required for disks/arrays that are bigger than 2TB.

  15. Web site name:
    CentOS directory for i386:

    • Hi format2,

      Yes, this works too.

  16. Thanks for the introduction. Very helpful!

  17. Peculiar article, exactly what I wanted to find.

  18. I am using ESXi 5.5
    It’s OK to create new VM and install CentOS 6.5 using netinstall.

    But when i tried to install CentOS 5.10 using netinstall, the installer asked me the network driver.

    Dont know why.

  19. I just ran into this issue myself. It looks like it was because my network card was using “VMXNET 3″ for the adapter type, which it doesn’t seem to recognize. I removed that one and added one that was E1000 and it worked for me.

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