Red Hat 8 Install Guide – RHEL 8 Installation Screenshots

This is Red Hat 8 RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) installation guide, step-by-step walkthrough with screenshots. Current version of Red Hat 8 is Beta.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is available for the following architectures

  • Intel/AMD 64-bit
  • IBM Power little endian
  • IBM z Systems
  • ARM 64-bit

On this guide I use Anaconda Graphical Installer.

1. Before Red Hat (RHEL) 8 Installation

1.1 Download Red Hat (RHEL) 8 DVD ISO Image

Select your architecture and download DVD ISO image:

1.2 Burn Red Hat (RHEL) 8 Image to DVD, Create Live USB or use image directly

Burn image to DVD, create Live USB example with liveusb-creator, dd or use directly on virtual environment. And boot computer using Red Hat (RHEL) 8 Installation Media.

2. Red Hat (RHEL) 8 Installation

2.1 Red Hat 8 Boot Option Menu

2.2 Red Hat 8 Starting Installer

2.3 Select Language

2.4 Red Hat RHEL 8 Installation Summary

2.5 Select Keyboard Layout

2.6 Select Language Support

2.7 Setup Network and Host Name

It’s better setup/enable network before date and time, if you want use NTP.

2.8 Setup Date and Time

Check/setup NTP servers:

2.9 Red Hat RHEL 8 Installation Source

2.10 Red Hat RHEL 8 Software Selection

2.11 Installation Destination

Full Disks Summary:

2.12 Manual Partitioning

2.13 Security Policy

2.14 System Purpose

Red Hat RHEL 8 Installation Summary All Ready, Begin Installation

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