This is Fedora 14 Install Guide with screenshots using Live CD or Live USB and Dual Booting with Windows. Fedora 14 Installation is also possible with using Fedora NetInstall (Net Install) with gPXE and BFO ( Read more info about Fedora 14 features.

If the aim is upgrade to Fedora 14, then check Upgrade Fedora 13 to Fedora 14 guide.

1. Before Fedora 14 Installation

1.1 Download Fedora 14 LiveCD Image

Download Fedora 14 here.

Select your favorite Live CD (Gnome, KDE, LXDE, XFCE) and architecture i686 or x86_64. On this guide I use Gnome Live CD and i686 version.

1.2 Burn Fedora 14 Image to CD or Create Live USB and Boot Computer Using Fedora 14 Installation Media

Check Fedora 14 Live CD image MD5 sum and burn image to CD with your favourite CD burner or create Live USB example with liveusb-creator. And boot computer using Fedora 14 Installation Media.

2. Fedora 14 Installation

2.1 Fedora 14 Laughlin Grub

Fedora 14 (f14) Screenshot Grub

2.2 Fedora 14 Laughlin Live Media Booting

Fedora 14 (f14) Screenshot Booting

2.3 Start Fedora 14 Installation Click Install to Hard Drive

Fedora 14 (f14) Screenshot Plain Desktop

2.4 Fedora 14 Installer Started


2.5 Select Keyboard Layout


2.6 Select Storage Device


2.7 Set Hostname


2.8 Select Timezone


2.9 Enter root Password

Select good and secure password for root user.

2.10 Select Installation Type

It’s good to create custom partition layout or at least review and modify partition layout.

2.11 Select Install Target Devices


2.12 Partition Layout

Modify partition layout here as you wish. I leave Windows partition sdb1 untouched, because I’m setting up Windows and Linux dual boot. And create LVM group for Fedora 14 partitions:

Create LVM Logical Volume:

Create LVM Volume example for root, home and swap, I use ext4 here:

Final partition layout:

Confirm partition setup and write changes to disc:

2.13 Configure Fedora 14 Bootloader and Setup Dual Boot with Windows


2.14 Installing Fedora 14


2.15 Installation Completed

Then simply reboot computer.

3. Finishing Fedora 14 Installation

3.1 Booting Fedora 14

Fedora 14 (f14) Screenshot Booting

3.2 Fedora welcome screen

Fedora welcome screen

3.3. Accecpt Fedora License

Accecpt Fedora License

3.4 Create Fedora user

Create Fedora user

3.5 Setup date and time – Set NTP servers

Setup date and time

Setup NTP Servers

Then send Hardware Profile or not and Login.

3.5 Fedora 14 desktop

Fedora 14 (f14) Screenshot Plain Desktop

4. Fedora 14 Laughlin Guides/Howtos

Install Google Chrome with YUM on Fedora 14 >>

Install Chromium (dev) Browser on Fedora 14 >>

Install Firefox 4 (beta 6) on Fedora 14 >>

Install/Update Opera on Fedora 14 >>

Install Sun/Oracle Java JDK/JRE 6 on Fedora 14 >>

Install Sun/Oracle Java JDK/JRE 7 (b110) on Fedora 14 >>

Install Eclipse SDK 3.6.1 (Helios) on Fedora 14 >>

Install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on Fedora 14 >>

Install MySQL 5.1 on Fedora 14 >>

Install Apache (httpd) and PHP 5.3.3 on Fedora 14 >>

Install WordPress 3.0.1 on Fedora 14 >>

Apache Userdir with SELinux on Fedora 14 >>

Install Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on Fedora 14 >>

Install Adobe (Acrobat PDF) Reader on Fedora 14

Install 3.2.1/3.3.0 on Fedora 14 >>

Install VirtualBox 3.2.10 on Fedora 14 >>

Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora 14 >>