Install Skype 4.3 on Fedora 22/21, CentOS/RHEL/SL 7.1/6.6

skype-logo-smallThis is guide, howto install Skype 4.3 on Fedora 22/21/20/19/18/17/16 on CentOS/Red Hat (RHEL)/Scientific Linux (SL) 7.1/6.6. This is actually easy process, but I won’t use Skype own RPM package, which works only with Fedora 16+. Skype package also doesn’t care about any needed dependencies on 64-bit (x86_64) systems nor 32-bit (i686) systems. This guide uses Skype dynamic package and all dependencies are installed manually.

1. Install Skype 4.3 on Fedora 22/21/20/19/18 and CentOS/Red Hat (RHEL) 7.1/6.6

1.1 Change root user

1.2 Install needed repositories

Needed only on CentOS/RHEL/SL

1.3 Install Needed Dependencies

Same command on multiple lines:

Additional dependencies for CentOS 6 / Red Hat (RHEL) 6 / Scientific Linux (SL) 6

1.4 Download Skype 4.3 Dynamic

1.5 Extract Skype

1.6 Create Launcher

Open /usr/bin/skype with text editor and add following content:

Fedora / CentOS 7 / Red Hat (RHEL) 7 / Scientific Linux (SL) 7

CentOS 6 / Red Hat (RHEL) 6 / Scientific Linux (SL) 6

If you you have problems to use command line editors, like vi/vim, nano, emacs, pico, joe, etc. then copy and paste following lines (exatcly) to terminal to create /usr/bin/skype file.

Fedora / CentOS 7 / Red Hat (RHEL) 7 / Scientific Linux (SL) 7

CentOS 6 / Red Hat (RHEL) 6 / Scientific Linux (SL) 6

2. Use Skype

2.1 Start Skype

From command line use skype command

From Desktop menu on Fedora 16 Gnome 3.2 Skype Launcher
Skype Launcher Fedora 16 Gnome 3.2

From Desktop menu CentOS 6.2 Gnome 2 and Skype Launcher
Skype Launcher CentOS 6.2 Gnome 2

2.2 Accept Skype End User License Agreement

Skype End User License Agreement

2.3 Login Skype

Skype 4.3 Login

Skype 4.3 Fedora 20

2.4 Skype 4.3 running on CentOS 6.5

Skype 4.3 on CentOS 6.5

2.4 Skype 4.2 running on Fedora 19

Skype 4.2 Running on Fedora 19

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  1. Did not work. When I entered “skype” in the terminal i get:
    /opt/skype/skype: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    i then did: yum install xorg-x11-libXv-32bit. and got: “No package xorg-x11-libXv-32bit. available.”
    I then did yum install . That installed ok then tried “skype” at the terminal and got:
    /opt/skype/skype: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    so I then did yum install and that installed ok so I tried “skupe” at the terminal again and got:
    /opt/skype/skype: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

    Apparently there are plenty of dependencies that are required when using this script. Did I miss something? Thank you.. Gary

    • Hi Gary,

      Yes, you missed step 1.3 Install Needed Dependencies.

  2. Thank you!!!!

  3. Thank you! very useful

  4. I don’t have the skills to do the programming to set up Skype on my fedora 20.
    Can anybody do it for me?


    Alf Arntzen

    • Hi Alf,

      So could you explain a little bit more where you have problems? I can try to help more.

  5. Thanks for your answer.

    Installing SKYPE:
    You present many windows with (html ?) code. My skills are like zero, so I can copy the code, but I don’t know where to paste it, ie. I haven’t learned how to work with the core of Linux. So I need someone to do it for me. Don’t know if and how that could be arranged.

    • Alf,

      The codes are meant to be pasted in the terminal in the given order. You can find the terminal from the menu or from a search, depending on the desktop you are using. I think, in Gnome (version > 3), you can find it if you simply type terminal in the search bar.

      The rest, you simply need to copy and paste onto the terminal. I think the remaining steps are fairly trivial.

      also, welcome to the terminal…! Although Linux today has a great gui, the terminal is often the best way to get things done. and also somewhat more fulfilling :-)

    • Yes, exactly what arun said, first open terminal and then it’s copy/paste work.

    • Hi aiva,

      If you check step 1.2 Install needed repositories, there is also “Needed only on CentOS/RHEL/SL”. So when you have Fedora, you don’t need epel repository, just skip whole step.

      • here i am! it’s working! thx great, m8!

        • Excellent!

  6. Also don’t forget to install sni-qt.i686 for Fedora 22, it’s need for skype tray icon make visible



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